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Something dark lurks in the wilds of Southern Nigeria. An experiment has gone horribly wrong and threatens to wipe all traces of humanity from Earth. 3rd Ranger Battalion, Bravo Company is sent in to assist, clean up the mess before it gets out of control.They've vanished.Sean Ryder is an Air Force Pararescueman. Attached to SEAL Team 8, he believes he is on a routine rescSomething dark lurks in the wilds of Southern Nigeria. An experiment has gone horribly wrong and threatens to wipe all traces of humanity from Earth. 3rd Ranger Battalion, Bravo Company is sent in to assist, clean up the mess before it gets out of control.They've vanished.Sean Ryder is an Air Force Pararescueman. Attached to SEAL Team 8, he believes he is on a routine rescue and recovery mission. Less than half an hour after landing in Nigeria, he knows that is not the case. And the further his mission leads him, the harder it becomes to get out alive.Patient Zero is the first book in the zombie apocalypse / post-apocalyptic series Affliction Z....

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patient zero Reviews

  • Marjolein
    2019-05-04 06:01

    Read all my reviews on This was one of the books that came up via my pilot random reading project. To be completely honest, I'd forgotten I'd downloaded this for free from Amazon some time ago.What starts as a 'simple' mission to retrieve some soldiers, turns into something far more difficult as the place is swarmed with zombies.Something I've never understood and that I've read in almost every zombie book I've ever read is the characters surprise that they are not the only ones who call zombies zombies. It always strikes as me as such a weird thing to fuss about (especially in a zombie apocalypse).The story was quite standard, the start of an apocalypse, and although you can read this and have some kind of finished stories, it's basically just a set up for the real apocalypse, which I suppose takes place in the second book (but I haven't read that one yet). Don't expect to be blown away by originality, but besides that I thought it was a very fast and quite enjoyable though forgettable read.Affliction Z: Patient Zero is the first book in the Affliction Z series.

  • Lucian Barnes
    2019-05-02 09:04

    While this story started out decent enough, the further I delved into it the more I was tempted to close the book. At times the word usage was extremely repetitive, and at others the dialogue was the problem. Using the word "said" at the end of nearly every verbal exchange is one of my pet peeves, and this book is filled with so many of its uses that it was like navigating a minefield. In my opinion, this story could be a lot better with some serious reworking.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-05 08:00

    A stereotypical zombie novel with no new twists or turns. The outcome is predictable, the plot old news and the characters boring as hell. The real horror of this book was the writing style, but not the story.

  • chucklesthescot
    2019-05-17 07:08

    These guys are supposed to be professionals working with the Navy Seal team but they are a bunch of utter clowns. Firstly, they take their sweet time chatting as the others jump, leaving a gap before one decides he better jump. The other buggers about talking to a photo of his family and kissing it, then finally decides he better jump as well. Tet the two idiots land and think it must have been wind shear that has them so far away from the rest of the team. Add that to Idiot #2 in a panic as he jumps about everything that could go wrong, then in a panic again as his first chute fails to deploy...professionals, like hell!Then as they try to catch up with the others they see a human flitting through the trees and decide that the team are playing tricks again like they do on every mission. Right. Seals are going to hide in the dark to 'play a trick' on you in the middle of a secret mission in a foreign country in the dark and risk you shooting them? Oh come on! The when Jules sneaks away to see what this human is doing, Sean yells after him that they need to get moving. Oh yes, nothing like stealth eh? Idiots.Add in the dreadful way it is written. Jules is attacked by the human who is obviously deranged and is in danger yet Sean observes 'Jules's body bowed back at the knees. He looked like he was trying to win a limbo competition only the bar was coming after him'.I've had enough. This is very poor.

  • Heidi Frese
    2019-04-30 08:08

    Would read more by this author, kept my interest

  • Susan Jenkins (Tely)
    2019-05-05 05:49

    I liked it. Which is odd, because it pissed me off. During one point of the book the team was infiltrating a bunker. The descriptions of the bunker is what pissed me off. The descriptions were just SO detailed about this stairway and this wall being against dirt and that stairwell leading to this stairwell and that hallway leading to this hallway...good Lord. I was frustrated trying to keep track of all that in my head. Other than that, the book was good. Each author has their own take on zombies and they each like to toss in different tidbits here and there. Of course, everyone knows that to kill a zombie you need to destroy the brain, so that's a given. How these came to be is usual and tired. How they acted was different and new. I was intrigued. I am intrigued enough to try the second book. The ending was a little "eh, was that it?" ish. I still liked it.

  • Wendy
    2019-05-15 11:55

    Not the best zombie book I have read, but certainly not the worst either. It was a very quick read for me and I did like the characters so I will probably give the 2nd book a try as well.

  • Gabriella Gricius
    2019-05-25 10:49

    Why Read: This strange read is not courtesy of NetGalley or an author coming straight to me – no, it was because of BookBub (which indirectly was a result of Book Riot… as are most things). Although not my usual pick up, I can’t deny that I enjoy a good gritty thriller when I find one – and if there are zombies involved… I mean, I won’t say no. Review: Violence, whether it be in video games, movies or books, has always been something of an interesting subject for me – and this book is no exception. Violence combined with a pandemic, zombies and empathetic characters is a dangerous concoction for addiction. Patient Zero felt like one of those cheap and quick horror movies that you watch at the theaters and rave about to your friends – but at the end, you know it’s not anything special. But thankfully it read nothing like that and it certainly had an ending that I appreciated more than I can put into words. There was something that seemed realistic about the whole situation… which is concerning, but not in the worse case scenario sense.The main character, Sean Ryder, was one I felt I could agree and disagree with. He wasn’t the most level headed, but neither was his companion, Turk. Their actions weren’t the smartest, and they weren’t the ones you’d want the people in the field to be taking necessarily. But damn, they are actions you want the characters to take if you’re the one doing the reading. Plot-holes there were. But at the same times, you’re so caught up in the action; it’s difficult to focus on those holes while a zombie is begging Sean to end its life. I won’t deny I did believe a different end would come, but the ending that ultimately I read was perfectly situated for a sequel: one I will happily read. Rating: 3.7/5 Stars

  • Natalie
    2019-05-03 11:51

    For such a short read, it was really good! Short books that I've read recently have been okay, but were slow and you never got a good grasp on the protagonist nor the other characters within the book. This was a game changer for me, I didn't find that there was too little back story of Sean Ryder but there also wasn't too much. You got a feel for him early on and I really liked how there was a little explanation as to how he prepares for his missions. It helps push aside the want to know more about him and his family, life etc. I loved how there was a fast rise in tension in the beginning, Ryan really didn't waste any time in getting to the guts of the story which was absolutely refreshing! In saying this, I'm also saying that it was jam packed of action and suspense from the beginning. The military terminology didn't seem out of place (but I've never had military experience so take that as you may) and it really added to the fast pace. I do, however, wish there was more familiarity with the other characters. It did detract from the whole experience but not too much for my tastes.Overall, I really liked it but not quite deserving of a 5 star rating. I will continue with the series.

  • E.A.
    2019-04-30 11:11

    What an excellent ride! It is so nice to discover a book that works and keeps you truly engaged from the opening parachute jump into Nigeria to the final flight at the end. I found the book to be a wild ride that never stopped.“Affliction Z: Patient Zero” is a truly fun read. If you like realistic military fiction in an end-of-the-world situation, you’ll love this book. It starts in the middle of the action and never lets up. The characters in the Seal team were believable, admirable and interesting. Ryan even took the time to provide his zombies with more depth than the usual creatures in other books that are good only for mayhem and target practice. I’m sure that may aggravate the more purist zombie lovers but who cares?I think my only irritation happened at the end with the apparent ease with which our steadfast main character, Sean, is manipulated and convinced to distrust his own mind and memories. Otherwise, it’s all good – very good. I look forward to the next installment.

  • Mia
    2019-05-14 07:54

    Although I usually do not enjoy reading a third person themed book, I must admit this book caught my attention. We've seen a lot of horror zombie movies but this seems new. The descriptions and details it provides causes the reader to feel as though they are actually within each scene the characters are in; it is as though you were placed into another world. This is one of the few stories which definitely stands out from every other zombie story I have seen so far.I definitely enjoyed how there are multiple characters involved. I especially enjoyed how we, as readers are able to witness different perspectives of the event which is taking place and how they react to it personally. It is not one of those cliches where the reader witnesses the situation through one pair of eyes, but instead, multiple pairs. It is a very thrilling and action packed book; almost realistic. The events do not occur too slowly; neither does the story start off too slowly. I cannot think of anything I would wish to be altered.

  • Anna
    2019-05-25 07:01

    Read this book last night and found it a worthwhile read. Believable characters, not to mention a plot that could happen. Secret lab, attempts to make a real nasty virus and what happens when things go really wrong. Definitely worth the time reading. :D

  • Charli
    2019-05-21 13:58

    Anything that says "zombie" in the title or description is most likely going to get me to take a second look. So when Affliction Z: Patient Zero popped up in one of my daily book deals emails, I decided to grab it while the grabbing was good. I'm certainly glad I did.I will say that it took me three tries to actually read the book, simply because I kept getting distracted by other things. Both times I'd tried reading it before, I was still in college and in all honesty, I just didn't have time to read for pleasure while still in school. So being that I'm out of school and have been reading like wildfire again, I decided to try it out. I started it over from the beginning and finished it in one sitting. Yep, it's that good.The book is only about 166 pages long (according to my Kindle for iPad app anyway) but that doesn't stop it from being a great read. I'm constantly floored by how many different ways there are to do zombies - and I have to say, L. T. Ryan's way is not only interesting but it's also eerily realistic. I'm not going to say how the zombies get that way, you'll have to read the book for yourself, but I'm betting you'll find it just as eerie.Sean Ryder is easily my favorite character - the fact that he's an Air Force Special Forces doesn't hurt at all. You get just enough background about him to understand what would drive him to survive and that's all you really need. Complicated backstories aren't necessary here. The book was very well thought out and very well written.I understand there are two more books in the series, which I am definitely going to have to look into obtaining because I need to know what happens next.A solid 5 star read - this is one zombie thriller you won't want to miss.

  • Randy Troyer
    2019-05-07 06:01

    LT, You Did it AgainL T Ryan has this thing. This power. The insane ability to put words on paper that somehow refuse to leave my hand. From the first "Noble" book I read and now some 15 or so stories later I find myself so engrossed in the plot I can find myself reading an entire novel in a day. Talent, attention to detail, and a true need to keep his readers attention. Ryan combines these traits and delivers another quite disturbing, though no less entertaining, action packed story. All this plus an Eagles fan who just got to see his team finally win the Super Bowl again. Enjoyable, exciting, hard to put down, all around good story. I am not a huge fan of this type of storyline but I am a huge fan of this author. So, I had to deduct one star based on storyline, though, I must admit, if all of these types of stories were told (written) by Ryan I could end up a huge fan of the genre. L T, I commend you and your friend CG Cooper, for delivering on a consistent basis. I enjoy your work and applaud your effort. I would highly recommend this author to anyone.

  • Kathy
    2019-05-03 09:13

    Not my usual genre, but really liked this one. First in a series of exciting adventures - can't wait to read the rest. Navy SEALS, Air Force Pararescuemen, Delta Force and Army Rangers all team up to fight a very surprising enemy. Non-stop action!

  • Shirley Shaffer
    2019-04-28 10:58

    Fast Paced and EngrossingAffliction is addicting. Characters are well established and believable. I was swept along with book and read it in one setting. Not your ordinary zombie story.

  • Crystal w
    2019-05-05 05:55

    I really enjoyed this zombie book. It has a different story and outlook. I liked the pace of the book, no lulls or boring parts and is really interesting. I am going to read the next ones in the series since i enjoyed this one so much.

  • Tamara
    2019-05-18 13:14

    5-star thrill ride!

  • Katherine
    2019-05-06 13:58

    Good read, good plot I found this to be a good, well-written story. I'm glad I took the time to read it, kudos to the author.

  • Emily V Crosier
    2019-04-24 14:17

    OH GOD!!!this book I loved!!! Love the take on Zombies!!! and the had me like Wait this can't end!!!! I picked in up in a GoodWill and now I have the 2nd and 3rd on there to my house in the mail!!!

  • Debi Dreese-Hoch
    2019-05-02 09:08

    Hated it, actually.

  • Brian Manville
    2019-05-05 09:53

    Zombie books after a while tend to start reading the same for me; as such, I need to take a break from them. One ends up seeing the same plot devices just used in different ways. When I came across the opportunity to read Affliction Z: Patient Zero gratis, I figured it would be a throwaway read and I would have gotten little more than I paid for it. Fortunately, this one turned out to be just a tad bit different and interesting.Sean Ryder is a USAF pararescueman (PJ). Along with his buddy Jules, he has been dispatched to BFN (which is south of BFE) along with members of Navy SEAL Team 8 to investigate why a group of Rangers and Delta Force have not been heard from in over 48 hours. No other information has been provided the team. Not a good sign...It quickly becomes apparent to Sean that there is no protocol for the actors they're facing. He and Jules land away from the SEALS and in attempting to catch up are ambushed by...something. That something does not go down except by a head shot, but not before injuring Jules. Well, avid zombie lovers know what eventually happens to old Jules, don't we?The SEAL team leader, Turk, follows the ghouls to the top of a hill where there is an entrance to something suspicious. When he assembles the team near the entrance, they are surprised when one of the "things" attacks a SEAL with great speed and ferocity. After killing him, the team moves inside in search of their lost comrades. What follows is spooky and terrifying...the writing here sets the mood perfectly. The underground lab is dark, dank, bloody, foul-smelling and rife with the...undead? Sort-of dead? Author Ryan has made sure that we feel what Sean and the SEALS are feeling...dread, fear, concern.Eventually, we have the big escape from the compound by Turk and Sean for reasons I'll not spoil. The real payoff comes in the last couple of chapters, when Sean's "story" is changed to one of fighting terrorists in the area. This confuses Sean as he is sure that he was fighting in a (to quote Columbus from Zombieland) "secret f*****g government lab", and not fighting ISIS or Al Queda. Even the fact that the government agent who sees him in the hospital has no knowledge of a 20-year Navy SEAL named Turk really makes Sean wonder if it was all a fever dream...Eight years go by, life is good for Sean. End of story, right? WRONG-O! With his daughter at school and his wife on the other side of the country on business, Sean turns on the TV and discovers that it has all hit the fan. Once he picks his jaw up off the floor, he gets a phone call that changes everything and moves him to action.Having set low expectations for this book, I will say that Ryan has brought something new to zombie novel plots and did it in a way to keep me engaged. I'm definitely in for book 2 when I get a chance.BOTTOM LINE: Zombie novel that does something different and does it well.

  • Jason Thomas
    2019-05-06 08:15

    Ehhhh . . .I'm a fan of all things zombie, but that doesn't mean if you toss some zombies into anything it makes it good. The premise of the book was ok, but the execution was poor for a couple reasons (spoilers here)- The entire bit before the SEAL team enters the bunker was just boring and pointless. We don't need the attempted extra tension, there's a highly trained military group on a secret mission to rescue another highly trained group. That's good enough.- I don't know that much about guns, so the detailed description was wasted on me. If it works for others, more power to them. However, I don't think either camp appreciated the architect level of description of the bunker blueprints. - After a huge battle Turk discovers the other military group - caged and surrounded by zombies. Hold on a minute. If they locked themselves in for safety, then hundreds of zombies should have obliterated Turk's team the minute they touched down - any way in is a way out. So did someone put them in the cage? Unlikely, there's no one left to do that and they were called in to respond to a threat already in progress. Turk also at this point has collected the weapons of his fallen comrades - and then a highly trained group of operatives all ask to be executed? Why not throw them the weapons? Or a grenade so they can take some zombies with them. I just can't imagine healthy Delta force operatives going, 'ah crap, just kill me, I'm done'- A doctor, desperate for rescue allows one of two SEAL members to execute a sick comrade (note there's three of them at this point) when he's in possession of, wait for it, three doses of a cure. What? Did he think he might need to dose himself multiple times and so he kept the whole thing? He wasn't trying to escape on his own, so he obviously was waiting for the cavalry - and then he lets them die? And then a highly trained military MEDIC executes him as punishment? What sense does that make?And then at the end, it's all been a figment of Sean's imagination - oh but hang on, no it hasn't?The story should start from where the book ends and throw out the rest of the whole thing.

  • Jennifer Disario
    2019-05-19 14:03

    A ranger team heads into Nigeria to check out a facility that has lost control of it's experiment and they aren't heard from again. PJ Sean Ryder and his partner Jules are sent in with Turk's Seal Team on what they are told is a rescue and recover op but there isn't anyone left for them to rescue and Turk and Ryder are the only ones left. The last thing Ryder knows is Turk is carrying him out of the area before it can be carpet-bombed. Or is his memory even reliable?! When Ryder wakes in a hospital he is told that he was the sole survivor of the mission and the only one extracted. No one knows who Turk is and Ryder's story seems unbelievable... even to himself! He decides that it may have been all in his head because of the crash and ied but deep inside he feels the paranoia may be justified. Ryder takes his settlement and builds himself a Bunker and becomes quite the prepper. Then comes news he always knew would come out one day, a virus has swept across countries and is taking over nations. People become sick, violent, some die and some change into a kind of monster he has seen before. Ryder has prepared himself and his family for this eventuality even though he wasn't aware what he was quite preparing for but can anyone truly be prepared for the apocolypse? When things go FUBAR Ryder's wife is away out of state on business, his daughter is in school, he gets a phone call from a ghost he was told didn't exist and his wife's bff that he can't stand shows up with her luggage in tow. He tried to be ready for any situation but sometimes the humans are more monster than the monsters and the one thing you didn't plan for is what knocks down your careful construction. This is a great zombie novel and can't wait to read next installment!

  • Mike
    2019-05-17 09:52

    Affliction Z is a prequel novella to a zombie novel series that brings a pair of USAF PJs and a team of SEALs to Africa in search of a lost unit of American soldiers. As you can imagine, things quickly go sideways, with plenty of zombies and intrigue.The general idea of the plot is entertaining and with some caressing of the African setting and some more space for the story to expand it could be good. The writing is not bad, though not outstanding either for my taste. The descriptions were decent, and the dialogue was alright (aside from having some of the cleanest mouthed soldiers I've ever seen in a book). Unfortunately, the description of the locations was a bit muddled though and it made it hard to relate to where the characters were in space. The military aspect of the book is reasonably well researched, though there's some notable mistakes.On the other hand, there's some problems that would prevent me from buying into this series. One, the characters make some really dumb decisions that don't make sense. For example near the beginning of the novel, the PJs jump into the area and get ambushed and fire of a number of rounds. They then go back to the area at the behest of the SEALs, for no discernable, logical reason. I'm no general, but this felt like a stupid idea to me. For that matter, why are 8 men going in to rescue a full company of men? Second, the zombies are unique, but not exploited to the fullest extent that they could have been. There's some kernels of good ideas here, but in the novella, they're not explored adequately.Overall, it was free and not a bad read, but not a series I'd continue with.

  • Gwen S.
    2019-05-20 13:56

    4.5***** Spoiler Alert!We reap what we sow!We meet Sean and Jules, SEAL PJs, members HALO jumping into Southern Nigeria to rescue and clean up a mission in trouble. On landing they meet their first, raving mad, humanoid (zombie), killing it and moving on to rendez-vous with the unsuspecting SEAL team led by Turk. So within minutes of landing, Jules is a walking dead man, later followed by the other SEALs. The two lone damaged, survivors, to escape are Turk and Sean, only to be unknowingly separated, lied to by the US government. Plausible denial! The US funded zombie virus, biowarfare has spread beyond the borders of Nigeria, and has now encroached upon US soil. Is this the beginning of the end... the Apocalypse? All Turk and Sean has to do is to hold up for at least three weeks for this contagion to die out, or will it mutate? I'm not a fan of this new Zombie genre, but this is pretty interesting especially when Dr. Knapp explains how and why they created the virus, and what they were aiming for ... and I shudder to think of the reserved Smallpox virus stores we have, and what could be done with it. What was also interesting were the two final settings used by L.T., namely Roanoke, Virginia where the first English colony mysteriously vanished and Charleston, South Carolina. Kudos, L.T.Ryan! You now have a new convert.

  • Jamey Goodyear
    2019-04-30 11:10

    Affliction Z: Patient Zero is the first in Post Apocalyptic Zombie series by L.T. Ryan. A team of SEALs and a couple of Air Force Pararescuemen are sent to Nigeria to investigate the disappearance of a battalion of Rangers. They are given no information about what the threat might be. What they find is a secret research facility and strange humanoid creatures. Well, as the title suggests the humanoid creatures are actually infected humans, aka zombies. The team creeps into the facility and finds devastation and death. Turk, the SEAL team lead, and Ryder, one of the pararescuemen are the only two to make it out alive. This is the story of their terrible mission and escape. I love good Zombie stories and this is one. I picked up the book and didn’t put it down until I had finished it. I like Turk and Ryder. The other characters were not as well formed, but since they didn’t last and it’s a novella, it doesn’t seem like to much of a problem. I can definitely recommend this story to other zombie aficionados.

  • Leticia (Shh I Am Reading Blog)
    2019-05-22 14:03

    I had read at the end of this that the author wanted this to be more like a prologue to the story, about 50 pages and it took off. I think in many ways, this probably should have just been a prologue. A taste of what was to come. It was actually awesome in the beginning, and hooked me in until about the time they start exploring the mysterious laborartory/bunker/thing. Then it kind of lost me and it felt rushed. And why were some of the "Zombies" aware? Zombies means undead people, not still human to slightly human. Then they're really afflicted or sick. The after result of the sick human is a zombie. Let's be clear on this. Night of the Living Dead= Zombies; 28 Days Later= Infected Humans. Because I'm stubborn and believe in giving series a good chance, I'll read the next book and hope it has a little more hold for me. Hopefully. Because a good zombie novel is what everyone needs while waiting for the Walking Dead to come back.

  • Tanya Ledford
    2019-05-16 11:58

    I have been on a zombie apocalypse kick lately, and I can tell you that they are certainly not all worth reading. However, the Affliction Z series is really good. It does have many of the typical zombie elements, but it is not solely dependent on them. The plot is quite engaging and so is the character development. I have read all three of L.T. Ryan's Affliction Z books and they are all well-written and engrossing. L.T. Ryan has several other series out, and I am going to try those as well. After all, with some of the terrible writing out there, it is important to encourage those who can write well to continue to do so by buying their books. In addition, I'm not sure of the gender demographics of zombie apocalypse literature, but I would assume it is heavily weighted on the male side. However, I am female and thoroughly enjoy these books, so give them a try.

  • Beverly G. Mendenhall
    2019-05-07 07:03

    Good actionNot really a book. A novella that should have been a book and not a drawn out short series. A good read. Fast paced. Worth the time if you want to keep buying the series.