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Big Nate, a.k.a. middle schooler Nate Wright, is eleven years old, four-and-a-half feet tall, and the wunderkind creation of cartoonist Lincoln Peirce. Nate is also the star of six novelized books to be published by HarperCollins, the first of which debuted on the New York Times children's best-seller list. This Big Nate Collection collects Peirce's Big Nate strips, originBig Nate, a.k.a. middle schooler Nate Wright, is eleven years old, four-and-a-half feet tall, and the wunderkind creation of cartoonist Lincoln Peirce. Nate is also the star of six novelized books to be published by HarperCollins, the first of which debuted on the New York Times children's best-seller list. This Big Nate Collection collects Peirce's Big Nate strips, originally published only in newspapers.For those not familiar with Big Nate, think Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets Calvin and Hobbes. Nate is a self-described genius and a sixth-grade Renaissance man equipped with only a #2 pencil and the unshakable belief that he is destined for greatness (a fortune cookie told him so). He fights a daily battle against overzealous teachers, undercooked cafeteria food, and all-around conventionality. He's the original rebel without a clue, alternately abrasive and endearing to classmates and teachers alike. Throughout Peirce's Big Nate Collection, Nate blazes an unforgettable trail through the sixth grade at P.S. 38, earning straight As in laughs (and numerous detentions) along the way....

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From the Top Reviews

  • Emily
    2019-04-17 07:09

    I read this last night. Several former students recommended this series. For the most part, it was funny and rather interesting. But there were two big glaring things that made me rather disappointed. First, the thread of disrespect that permeated each comic: (and all of these go for vice versa as well) father/son, student/teacher, and child/child. Second, there was a lot of questionable content involved--mentions of "sexy", and "shacking up", and a few others. I realize this is written about a middle school kid, but I wonder if people are aware of the reading level? For this one--2.5! The rest are between 2-3.5ish. So guess who is checking these out of the library, by and large, because of the sticker level? Second and third graders. NOT middle or almost middle schoolers. Maybe they wouldn't fully understand ALL of the innuendo, but I've learned to NEVER underestimate what I child can understand.

  • Josiah
    2019-04-06 07:21

    "Take a look, kid! Everywhere around you, there are moments happening! They happen, and then they're gone!" —Big Nate: From the Top, P. 205 I've long considered the Big Nate comic strip a spiritual descendant of Bill Watterson's classic Calvin and Hobbes; it's the closest thing we had to that boy and his stuffed tiger after Mr. Watterson retired the strip in 1995. Big Nate isn't as deep, emotional, or brilliantly funny as Calvin and Hobbes, but Nate is easy to like and root for, the humor is routinely excellent, and there's more substance than most newspaper comics. The Big Nate novels have their own equal appeal in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid tradition, but the comic strip is pure entertainment, a pick-me-up for readers craving a spritz of Nate's brand of comedy. There's never a time when I wouldn't gladly dive into a book of Big Nate comics.The strips in Big Nate: From the Top originally ran in newspapers from August 28, 2006 to April 1, 2007, so they cover a large portion of the American year and its seasonal events. September starts with Nate anxious about going back to school, featuring a classic Big Nate gag on September 3 (page thirteen). As the fall session picks up speed, Nate thinks he's come up with the perfect facial expression for school picture day, considers running for student government, and avoids confrontations with Chester, a bully who remains always just out of readers' view. October 15 (page fifty-five) is one of the funniest Sunday strips of this collection, where Nate's seemingly innocent interview with Mr. Galvin turns into a different news story than Mr. Galvin intended. That one had me laughing out loud. An assignment to help first-graders improve their reading matches Nate with a lisping little foe from a storyline that predates this book, a kid named Peter who's a much more sophisticated student than Nate. But Nate works his magic (courtesy of provocative comic-book star Femme Fatality), and his influence over Peter becomes permanent. The October 25 (page sixty-five) comic involving Peter is a humorous surprise. Nate decides one day to become a "bad boy", which doesn't turn out as he envisioned, and Mrs. Godfrey's absence from school leads to cartoonish Coach John being named substitute teacher. Not even Gina, the perennial "teacher's pet", likes this. November 17 (page eighty-eight) is a great Coach John strip, when John tells Nate he reminds him of an incorrigible kid he had to teach in soccer camp...and Nate points out he was that kid. Coach John is a reliable fount of humor.Thanksgiving passes, Nate obsesses over "dibs", and then has another laugh-out-loud encounter with Mr. Galvin on December 12 (page one hundred thirteen). Christmas comes and goes with no pet dog for Nate, but he's served a subtle reminder that Spitsy is as good as his, even if the neighbor's dog is a less-than-manly companion. Nate complains to weatherman Wink Summers about untimely snowfall, and an extended story featuring "Nate Wright, Private Eye!!" opens on January 8 (page one hundred forty). Several of Big Nate: From the Top's best strips are in this story arc, notably January 11 (page one hundred forty-three), Nate's questioning of Jenny on January 13 (page one hundred forty-five), and his interaction with school secretary Mrs. Shipulski on January 15 (page one hundred forty-seven). Nate's masquerade as Sherlock Holmes throughout the story is hysterically funny. Nate engages his friends in a "Yo Mama Smackdown" at January's end, and at home he and his dad quarrel over possession of the latest Femme Fatality comic book. Nate works hard to compose just the right Valentine's poem for Jenny (February 14, page one hundred seventy-seven), and it's surprisingly good: funny, effervescently flirtatious, with a sprinkling of winsome sentimentality. Why isn't Jenny interested in Nate? He's awesome. Nate enthusiastically creates clay sculpture in Mr. Rosa's art class, capped off by a madcap exchange with Jenny, who's flattered that Nate wants to sculpt her until she finds out what he has in mind (February 24, page one hundred eighty-seven). That one's terrific. Nate chills out from test stress by bopping himself in the head with an empty plastic drink bottle, Francis is at a loss to explain how Nate is so good at chess, and Nate learns from School Picture Guy the art of snapping candid photos so he'll know how to do it for the yearbook. The final extended story has Nate teaming up with Teddy on a Civil War project, and getting one over on Gina. All in all, it's a satisfying variety of Big Nate comics. Calvin and Hobbes did well avoiding topical humor, which is key to originating material that stands the test of time. Big Nate is good at that, too, a comic that will be relevant as long as boys struggle in school, goof off with friends, and still manage to learn a little something from teachers. The strips in Big Nate: From the Top were written more than fifteen years into the series' newspaper run, but Nate's adventures feel fresh as ever, and I had lots of fun with this book. Thanks for the laughs, Nate. See you around the halls of P.S. 38.

  • Maria
    2019-04-13 06:22

    This book was really good. Although it was very confusing too. In this big Nate book, Nate skips around to different comics even though it has nothing to do with the one he already started. He tries to impress Jenny but she dosent like him the way he likes her. She keeps thinking whenever he is around "oh brother". He even called dibs on her becuase she was talking to Teddy and he doesnt want them to go out, so he says" I call dibs on Jenny" and then Jenny punches him in the face and walks away. Also Artur keeps wanting to be friends with Nate, but Nate cant stand him. Artur got him a snowglobe and Nate just gave him a pencil that he found in his school bag. Francis keeps on wondering how is Nate is so good in chess but not any thing else. He does some research and he finds out that people that are good in chess and very smart in ther subjects. When I read that part, I infered that Nate is probably smart in his other subjects, but he just doesnt show it because he wants to be cool and not like the nerdy kids in his class.

  • Eagle
    2019-04-04 09:06

    Big Nate From the Top is a really good book. Lincoln Peirces Big Nate seires is hilarious. A 6th grade kid with his two friends do a lot of weird and funny stuff. He gets a lot of detentions for not getting homework done and messing around. He's always trying to get Jenny as his girlfriend but he never does. He makes her poems on Valentine's Day. He has really weird spiky hair. He doesn't like his dad so much because he thinks his dad is not that cool. He doesn't like his teacher Mrs. Godfray. That's where he gets in trouble themost. He gets hurt a lot when he's doing sports. He doesn't like his sister. He always fights with her. The thing that bugs him the most is Mrs. Godfrey her as a student. I think you should read this book. Joseph

  • Bernardo Alvarez
    2019-04-10 03:11

    This book was a very good book, It was very funny. It starts when school is about to start, and through the school year he had funny and amazing adventures. He ran for student council and made co-student council. Whenever Nate hallucinated he saw Mrs. Godfrey's face! It was a great book, from a 1-10 I would rate it a 8.

  • Alan
    2019-03-29 05:34

    it was funny

  • Joe S
    2019-04-22 07:24

    Big Nate From The Topis a book in a series of books about an 11 year old boy who shares moments of his life. In the bookBig Nate From The Top,Nate loves to hang out wth his friends and read his comic books. Going to school is one of Nate's least favorite things in the world to do. He always gets detention for slacking and calling teachers names which is why he doesn't like school. When he enjoys himself something usually goes wrong and Nate gets mad. Will Nate and his friends survive the school year? Will they be on top or will they take a step back? You'll have to read the book to find out the end!I enjoy reading the "Big Nate" series. What I liked best aboutBig Nate from the Top was that it was funny and outrageous. I often found myself re-reading certain parts of the book just to laugh again. At times, I felt as if I was getting in trouble with Nate and slacking off with Nate. I would recommend this book to people who have dyslexia because every page has illustrations to go with the text. Also, people who like to joke around and like simple, straight forward experiences will like this book.I imagine if you likedDiary Of A Wimpy Kidthen you'll loveBig Nate . Both books are funny and about a boy in middle school who struggles with fitting in and staying out of trouble.

  • Ben
    2019-04-09 06:19

    In the book Big Nate: From the Top, Nate Wright is the main character, who is a comical sixth grader. He is the kind of kid in school who messes around and gets bad grades on tests and tries to get around stuff, but is still funny, and in Nate's case, is surprisingly good at chess. It is set in a modern time and city, and throughout the book the setting is mostly at school, but also a little at his house, and walking to school. There isn't really a main conflict throughout the book, but all the small conflicts revolve around Nate's life and him being a goof, and getting beat up by various people for being dumb. I really like all the funny stuff Nate does in the book and how you want to read more every page. I also like how the book is a bunch of comic strips a page or two long each, but it still seems like a flowing book. One other thing that I liked about this book was how relatable Nate and his life is to myself or someone I know. One thing I didn't like was how weird and crazy Coach John is, and how uptight and random he is. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a funny quick read, and likes graphic novels or comics.

  • Blake Scrugham
    2019-04-21 02:23

    One of the books I read this quarter was Big Nate over the top by Lincoln Peirce. My opinion over this book is that the book had good phrases that really helps you understand what the main idea of this book is. And that sometimes you read a book and you realize that you get confused and think that a part was missing from the piece, but in this book there is no missing information anywhere throughout the entire thing. And i feel this way because the author sets up the story really well, and when you can understand what’s going on and almost being able to see what was going to happen next, it makes you realize that they wrote this book really well. The book is about a boy in middle school named Nate and ends up getting in a lot of trouble. I think that others should read this because as you read there is a point where you are dying to see what is going to happen next, and then once you find it then there is something going to happen after that. So it is a good book and anyone can read it if the want to read a interesting book.

  • Tal
    2019-04-13 01:17

    not a book for my kids. the content is a little too old (talk about "shacking up"!) and the characters are disrespectful - well, the father and son are to each other. i was curious and now i know. i do not like this trend in children's literature.

  • Sooraya Evans
    2019-03-25 07:11

    This is the second Big Nate book I read after 'Out Loud'.I must say, there were too many gags where Nate disrespects friends, teachers and parent.Not cool Nate... Not cool :(

  • Jack Hill
    2019-03-24 05:25

    Really goodThis book was the best book I have ever read. It's funny an I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daisya Spencer
    2019-04-15 01:36

    Not a fan. I kind of found Nate to be inappropriate at times and he was completely disrespectful to other people. I didn't find anything to be funny and maybe it's because of my age, but it seemed liked the author was trying to hard to make Nate funny and I wasn't feeling it. It's a quick read, but I personally wouldn't read it again.Rating: 2/5

  • Colin
    2019-04-20 02:36

    I think the book could have been a little better. It kept going from one subject to another. It starts off with Nate and his dad at the store trying to find a pair of pants for Nate. His dad picked a pair out and Nate said that they were terrible. The next day, he went off to school for the first day. His crush is jenny, a girl who is pretty popular and dosen't really like Nate.

  • Jesus Madrigal
    2019-03-29 09:36

    This book isn't a book about Nate's adventures. It's just a book about all the comics in all the books. The comics were hilarious and I just love the shorts in there. They have some real gut buster ones. It's not the best book EVER!!! but it is just a great book about celebrating his series.

  • Zahra
    2019-03-29 08:12

    FUNNY loved it!

  • Gage
    2019-03-25 08:26

    love it

  • Jayden Basaga
    2019-04-04 01:28

    its amazing

  • Wade, Rosario, and Marco
    2019-04-18 02:20

    Wade is reading this one.

  • Wesley
    2019-04-09 01:09


  • Joshua Grzywa
    2019-03-30 03:24

    It was a good book and like the dumb stuff nate does or how he gets in trouble

  • Chloe
    2019-04-08 02:31

    It was ok!

  • Tyler
    2019-03-27 05:28

    This book is filled with great comix.It has school picture guy at the end.Nate is having fun!

  • Mason Morse
    2019-04-15 06:34


  • Ian Rhines
    2019-04-23 04:33

    This book was so good and funny that I finished it in three days!!

  • Destiny Valenzano
    2019-04-16 09:27

    Big Nate is all by himself when he gets himself in trouble and has to go to detention. He is always getting himself in trouble and throughout the book you see him and the up and downs he goes through. It teaches the reader things while reading. The book is very interesting for kids in third grade even for older kids. Nate is very relatable to most students in school. Not a big fan of school and gets in trouble most of the time. The comic like pictures makes it easy to read to see what is going on in the book. The pictures bring the story to life and makes it more fun to read. How the characters are drawn and what they say make the story. The speech bubbles make the story come to life and see which character is talking and to who. On certain words, there is different kinds of front to give it more effect to the story lines and to the story, who’s saying it and who they are saying it.

  • Slow Man
    2019-03-30 08:11

    Big Nate is a naughty little kid who is an all-time record holder for detentions. But he's good at playing chess, it is his gift and his plastic bottle bonking on himself put a smile on my face because this is genius. Oh how I love all the teachers especially Mrs Godfrey who is well thought out. Mr Rosa is timid, the school picture guy aka the school photographer lives to take candid shots of every teacher and Mr. Galvin, the living cadaver is well, barely alive. Oh and not forgetting Principal Nichols whose morbid obesity is constantly being picked on. There are so many colorful characters and I can see myself picking up another copy in the future.

  • Jack
    2019-04-16 04:24

    I thought that this book was really great. Lincoln Peirce did a great job at getting me to have a great laugh. With Nates hatred for his teacher and school, it made the story even more interesting and hilarious. In school, he is a clueless person with a clueless mind. He even starts to call dibs on other peoples food and other people in general. With this off mindset, he starts to get bad grades again, and is a wreck to have in class.

  • Lucas F
    2019-03-27 09:10

    This book is a really good book! Because Big Nate is a funny series. I recommend this book to anyone who likes funny graphic novels. If you liked Diary of a wimpy kid or bone you might like this book. This book is about a middle schooler who get likes getting in trouble a lot and on part they see a guy and they spy on him for like a 1 hour and he does not move at all then they go find out is he alive if he is what does he do to them?

  • Brandon Jacuinde
    2019-04-14 05:35

    I really like this book because I feel that Big Nate is a pretty funny and cool character. I enjoyed this book a lot because it makes me laugh. I feel that everyone should read this book because its very interesting. Big Nate is a funny character that likes to have fun and dislikes school, which I think makes this book funny because he is always getting in trouble.