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After a stint in the Army, Luke Malone finds himself far from his country roots, working casino security in Las Vegas. Just beginning to come to grips with his submissive side, he doesn't stand a chance when powerful Houston millionaire Glenn Griffin sets his sights on the Texas cowboy.After one hot night of instant connection, Glenn offers Luke a dream job and a lot more.After a stint in the Army, Luke Malone finds himself far from his country roots, working casino security in Las Vegas. Just beginning to come to grips with his submissive side, he doesn't stand a chance when powerful Houston millionaire Glenn Griffin sets his sights on the Texas cowboy.After one hot night of instant connection, Glenn offers Luke a dream job and a lot more. However, all too soon Glenn tires of his latest boy toy. To clear the path for his next conquest, Glenn sends Luke on a business trip to an East Texas ranch in which he has an investment interest. There Luke meets Sawyer, a man with very different ideas about erotic submission and mixing pain with pleasure. In addition to bondage, suspension and whips, with Sawyer there is also tenderness, affirmation and a deep sensual bond like none Luke has ever experienced.On his own path in search of meaning through spiritual D/s and erotic pain, Sawyer has had troubles of his own. With Luke, he embarks on a journey that opens both their worlds in ways neither had ever imagined. That is, until Glenn decides he wants his boy back. And what Glenn wants, Glenn gets....

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Heart Thief Reviews

  • Mel Bradley
    2019-05-11 11:27

    Author: Claire ThompsonPublisher: Romance Unbound PublishingPage Count (ePub): 144Published: 2011Rainbow eBooks: $4.76The heat started right from the start and was very intriguing. A very powerful, wealthy and aggressive Dom going after a hot security guard, a cowboy to boot! As they explored their relationship, their interactions started off sizzling, until their dynamic shifted. Or rather, Luke (the cowboy) finally realizes that their dynamic is not based on love, but something else.The heat between Griffin and Luke was immediate and intense – I couldn’t put the book down. However, when things shifted for Luke, it was a bit hard to continue reading. The whole “safe, sane and consensual” mantra was, well… missing. I tend to fight it hard to relate as soon as that boundary is crossed. I struggled to continue with the story as it was not clear where it was going. But I kept on, and it was definitely worth it! When Luke figures out what he is really looking for and what a D/s relationship should be about, the results were very enticing.For the most part, the sex was hot with a good dose of D/s – including some bondage and the somewhat less explored/written about, needle play (I could have done without that, but it was done tastefully). There was a lot of sex, so probably not for someone who likes their plots interrupted or furthered by sexual interactions, and not for the new D/s or m/m reader – there were key missing elements from their D/s play mainly the “safe, sane and consensual” part, along with missing safe words and trust.Out of four…Overall Read: ♥♥♥Sex Heat: ♥♥♥Plot: ♥♥I’d recommend this book to those who love a good cowboy story in Texas; hot sex with a new-age feel to a D/s relationship; and most importantly, someone who is committed to reading through the rough parts to get to the goodies awaiting the other side!

  • Simsala
    2019-05-15 09:15

    4-4,5 stars.Heart Thief is trademark Claire Thompson.Strong BDSM theme and content but always exploring the sensual and spiritualside of a D/s relationship.What I really,really liked about this book - Dom and sub were equals!

  • Jeff Erno
    2019-05-09 13:02

    Luke Malone is a security guard for a Las Vegas casino. Young, and fresh out of the army, he's searching for answers about himself, who he is as a gay man and why he's so intrigued with submission and the deep desire to serve dominant men. When he meets Glenn Griffin, a wealthy Texas tycoon, Luke thinks all his questions have been answered. Glenn is very dominant, cocky, and self-assured. He takes Luke under his wing, offers him a lucrative job offer in his company, and moves Luke back to Texas with him. At first it all seems perfect, but soon Luke discovers Glenn is not only confident, but he's also extremely selfish and self-centered. He begins to treat Luke as if he's little more than property, just a trophy and sex object. After a few months, Glenn tires of Luke and replaces him with a new boy toy, then banishes Luke to an assignment in rural eastern Texas on a horse ranch.It's here on this ranch that Luke really finds his answers. He meets Sawyer, who also is a Dom, but he's very different than Glenn. Sawyer does not pressure Luke, but instead leads him on an incredible journey of self-discovery. He becomes Luke's mentor and breaks through some emotional and mental barriers that Luke didn't even realize he was harboring. Ultimately they fall in love, but of course, life is not that easy. Just when it appears Luke and Sawyer will have their happily-ever-after, Glenn reappears and all hell breaks loose.Wow, what an amazing story! This was absolutely beautiful. When I finished reading this book, I set it aside for a few days before writing my review, allowing myself some time to absorb the message. I went back through and read some of the scenes that had touched my heart. One in particular really tore me up, and it is where Luke is forced to confront his anger over the hurt that Glenn inflicted on him. "I'm the damn fool that thinks this means anything. I'm the idiot who thought, because I wanted to submit and serve, it would make someone love me! But it never happened. And it probably never will."This is so heart-wrenching. The sad reality is that so many Doms are more like Glenn than they are like Sawyer. I wish in real life there were more amazing Doms who really loved and cared for their boys the way Sawyer did. I think he's the most wonderful fictional Dom I've ever read. But he's presented in a way that doesn't come across as "too good to be true". He feels real and genuine, and he is also flawed. Beautifully. He's so protective of Luke, and that's what I loved most. Their love for each other is really an example of how the D/s dynamic is supposed to function. They compliment each other, fulfill one another. You know, as in soul mates. There were also many details of the story that fascinated me. I've never explored (or even heard of) needle play. It kind of grossed me out a bit, but still I thought it was a masterful, well-researched scene that symbolized the bond of trust Sawyer and Luke shared. Also, I liked the inclusion of the Native American and metaphysical elements and the link between pain therapy and spirituality. Really, the story was quite deep...and yet it read like an entertaining, engrossing romance. I should not have been surprised that this book was so good. Consider the author. It has immediately earned a ranking in my "best-ever BDSM books" pile.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-05-11 14:23

    I don’t particularly care for BDSM, especially when it’s done more for show than love, and so I wasn’t particularly liking Glenn, the man Luke falls in love with; I read the blurb, and I knew there was a moment in the story where Luke was finally meeting his real love, but still, with the “bad” introduction he had to D/s, I wasn’t really sure it was possible for him to still enjoy it.Sawyer is a completely different man from Glenn, not only he is sweet, and caring, he is also open with his feeling; it’s not weakness to admit you are in love, on the contrary it’s proving that you are confident and a well-balanced man. That is a man that can really understand the meaning of BDSM and how it can enhance a relationship.It’s strange but the story doesn’t span much in the lives of its characters, on the contrary from the moment Luke meets Glenn to the last page, it’s probably little more than one month, but nevertheless, while the reader is sure Glenn is the wrong man, you are also sure Sawyer and Luke’s relationship is destined to last; it’s in their ability to trust each other, despite past misadventures.Claire Thompson is probably the first author I read with a BDSM theme, Golden Boy, and years later, she is still among the few that is able to deliver a full BDSM novel that rings true to my ears, and not some fake stage act.

  • Carole-Ann
    2019-04-28 11:09

    Luke Malone is drawn into a relationship with Glenn Griffin, a multi-millionaire, and when Glenn tires of him, Luke is sent to evaluate a ranch owned by Ben and Sawyer Croft.I like Luke. He knows he is submissive and is desperately seeking a Dom who will not only play with him, but develop that relationship into a loving one. His mistake is in believing Glenn might give this to him. Glenn is arrogant and selfish, and Luke soon learns that Glenn only pleases himself; so when a new 'boy' comes along, Luke is dismissed and sent off to the Croft ranch.There he meets Sawyer, a quiet, thoughtful man, who recognises Luke's submissiveness immediately. Since Luke was originally a farm boy, he naturally sinks into the life of the ranch, realising how much he has missed ranching and horses. He accepts Sawyer's dominance quite easily; and there is an incredible scene where Sawyer ties Luke up and takes a whip to him in order to make Luke get rid of his (denied) anger.Although the relationship between Luke and Sawyer builds rather quickly, it is evident that both men are deeply affected. The ending, where Glenn is given his marching orders, and Luke remains on the ranch, is very predictable.An enjoyable read.

  • Virginia
    2019-05-15 07:12

    This latest novella from Claire Thompson looks at a couple different types of domination from the viewpoint of a 6' 4" sexy, ex-military sub named Luke. Luke hasn't experienced the type of submission that he has been craving and gets overwhelmed by Glenn, a rich, forceful dom who hires him to work for him while they maintain their d/s relationship. Luke later meets Sawyer, a dom who is more laid back and spiritual. Both doms offer the submission and pain he craves but in completely opposite ways.Although the book isn't in a POV format, all but a few scenes are taken from Luke's perspective. There is a lot of sex referenced in the book, but only a few detailed scenes with the majority of it being told to us after. The scenes that are there are very strong. The novella is more about the spiritual exploration taken by Luke in comparing the two contrasting doms in his life and his acceptanace of who he is and what he needs. It's very introspective from Luke's viewpoint.If you're like me, you'll see the ending confrontation coming and want to kick Glenn's ass regardless (as well in a few other spots). Not my favorite of Thompson's but a good read for those in particular seeking to understand the attraction to BDSM from the submissive's side.

  • CB
    2019-05-06 11:06

    This is the 2nd time I've read this book and it was just as good as the first time. I don't usually re-read ones where a lot of the story is about the relationship between one of the MC's and another character (in this case the "villian"), which this one is, but it really illustrates how the MC got into the BDSM mindset and how different relationships can be. Very intriguing - a great read.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-23 08:21

    Barely 3 stars. Didn't really "feel" these guys and the BDSM elements just seemed kind of off to me. Lovely smexing but not lovely enough to carry the rest of the book. We had a newbie to the scene just kind of thrown in there without any rules or explanations for him. Kind of scary. I do love cowboys though. :)

  • Readers Roundtable
    2019-05-07 07:59

    Claire Thompson is wonderful at showing the story through her characters eyes. Heart Thief is definitely worth reading. To view this review in its entirety, please visit

  • Blackravens Reviews
    2019-05-24 14:02

    In Heart Thief, Claire Thompson takes Luke Malone on an intensely erotic journey that is as sexual as it is spiritual when he explores his submissive side with two completely different men. To read this review in its entirety, please visit

  • Maria
    2019-05-13 11:22

    Good romance with strong bdsm elements. 4.5 stars